Playtime is … playtime?

So: demo-day is over. Just off the loom:

Went home, twisted fringes, put in washing machine (in a mesh bag). Had problems decide which washing cycle to use: I wanted it to shringk/felt more than my ordinary differential shrinkage shawls, but not too much. Decided to do the same cycle, but suspecting I would have to do more.
This is what came out of the mesh bag:

Hmmm – it would (obviously) not need another cycle...

A deep breath and some coffee later, it looked more promising. This doesn’t really do it justice:

With a slightly tighter sett, it may even be for a small production "line"?

A better detail picture:

It shrunk about 30% in length and width - but it felted a lot more than (for instance) the "summer skies" in the last post.


Cally said...

That's turned out brilliantly! And a great idea for a quick weave...

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

It is not completely mindless, as you will have to make sure the inner shuttle is on the right side, and you will have to watch the carried weft, so it gets to be the right length.
And, between cutting off and putting in the washer, beware of certain helpers :-)