The transmitter pouch

Now it exists - it has it's own site: Myggsäcken.

Right now it is only in Swedish, mostly because I can't think up a good name in English.
Can anybody help?
- first I have to explain the Swedish name: "rygg-säck" is a back-pack. "Mygga" is a mosquito, but also slang for the small lapel-mounted microphone.
Somehow, I don't see "The microphone transmitter pouch" as something that would catch the eye...

... is one of the more glamorous examples.
(Burgundy velvet and gray swansdown)


Laura Fry said...

Glamourous indeed! Could be so much more than 'just' a mygg bag though? :)

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Well, my first order was for an "ordinary" looking one, preferrably in "ordinary" black cloth... just a bit disappointing, when I had this blinged variety on display ;-)

Laura Fry said...

Orders are good! :D

Carla said...

How about "transmitter-transporter"?

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Carla, I like that!

... now, maybe I need yet another blog...

K :-DD

Anonymous said...

I like the name Myggsäcken.

In the US these are called lavalier mics (pronounced mike), and the transmitter is called the bodypack. Might help you with writing a description.

But I think it would be useful for a number of things- sewing kits, to hold small scissors and a tape measure while winding a warp, all sorts of things.