Tiger update

I am so glad that "my" day in Glimåkra was yesterday, as we got the first snow in the evening... and I haven't changed to winter tyres yet. I hope today's booth-tenders got there safe!

So today I made a pattern for the tiger skin. (I do miss the old broadsheets, now all papers are tabloid - it took 4 sheets and a lot of sticky tape to get a big enough paper)

It was a tight fit, but I think (hope!) the width is enough. But... maybe I should plan the next piece "better", so that the stripes all fall inside the body?

I found this tiger skin photo somewhere on the 'net:

What do you think?
(I will not have the whole assembly done before Halloweave is over, anyway - )


Laura Fry said...

We came home to sn*w tonight....
ps - have you read Life of Pi? I haven't yet....

Mette said...

I would prefer your tiger to the "real one" anytime!
It looks alive while the real tiger certaintly doesn't.