Tyger! Tyger! burning bright...

Over at Weavolution, the annual Halloweave is just starting.

(Last year I was in the rebozo group, weaving the seesucker shawl/sample at the very latest moment.)

This year I decided to finally make that tiger skin I have been thinking of for some years, now.
I bought a lovely light grey sheepskin, to make into a ... well, "object". The general inspiration is the traditional fälltäcke (museum pictures here), but I'm using just one skin, and will not cut it.

The fabric will have to be sturdy, I think, therefore I'm aiming for summer&winter - which also has the advantage to give me all of 14 blocks...

So now I'm trying to get a nice tiger-patterned profile draft - this is where I am right now:

So why a tiger? It seemed the perfect combination...

(Both pictures stolen from Wikipedia, Tyger and Lamb.)

Which team I'm in? Frightful fibres, of course!


Laura Fry said...

Fun! :D

Mette said...

Wonderful idea!
Do you know the Tibetan Tiger Rugs? Since I first got acquainted with them I've wanted to make one. I'll follow your efforts with great interest.

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Mette, I did not know them "as such" (now I have googled - amazing, some of them!). However, I've seen many knotted/tufted "pelts" - for instance the Dala horse rug at http://www.konsthantverkscentrum.se/medlem/Anne-Carlquist---Regnb%C3%A5gen , and, of course, such rugs were in my mind, too.
But they do'n have sheepskin on the reverse... :-)