And it existed!

Remember the paving outside the library?
This morning I went to see what is on offer at the next auction, and I saw this:

It is a square tablecloth, feels like pure linen, and the centre is the same pattern (warp direction top to bottom):

Hard as I try to read the photo (didn't bring a pick glass to the viewing, silly me...), I can't determine the structure - other than noticing that they missed the clean cut between blocks in the weft direction.
However, here is a profile of the centre:

Even with just a 1/2 twill (vs a 2/1 twill) it takes 15 shafts, and then remains to do something to the borders...:

With only part of the actual border, the number of blocks becomes so large that my conclusion is that it must be jacquard-woven:

- but then, why did they miss the clean cut?

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Laura Fry said...

Too much trouble to re-cut the cards???

Nice find. :)