The first one of the season

(which is on it's last legs anyway) -

Every tourist season I get at least one visitor into my shop who looks around and says "but there is nothing handwoven here".

Today, I was sitting in the loom sleying for another small V, when this woman came in, looked around and said "I thought there would be more handwoven items here - your sign says 'handcrafts'?"

After all these years, I still haven't found the Good Answer to that comment -

Over the years, I have tried to collect the reasons for that comment. Mostly, it seems that as I do not sell rag rugs (nor specialize in tablecloths), I cannot be a handweaver.

There is no way to please everyone, I guess.


charlotte said...

That's really funny! i sometimes meet People who wonder how I've knitted my woven plaids.
Thanks you for the info about the tencel!

Dianne said...

I've just had a stand at an international conference and too many people gave the impression my work must be imported from China. Next time a large sign might help.