A small thing that made me glad

On the Tuesday, I was ready to warp up the AVL. Getting near the front, I heard this odd, almost crackling sound. Hmm - or did I? Perhaps I was just imagining. But...

It turned out that it was the sound of a burned-out 'puter monitor. The computer that I use to drive the loom is itself Very Old (might actually be from '96), but I have got at lest one new monitor since then.

Well, no problem, really: I had one in reserve.
Except it did not like the computer: "no signal".

Oh well, there is another monitor upstairs - and I don't have any real use for the 'puter it is attached to, so I can try that. Hmm: "no signal".

Time to come up with a Plan B. (The aforementioned upstairs machine doesn't work very well, so that was out.) But wait: I have this new* snazzy laptop! The only thing needed was a serial-to-USB converter; should be a piece of cake.

No, the nearby electronic-things shop did not have one.
The next-to-nearest one did not have one. And it was nearly evening, too.

BUT: I was going to Kristianstad on the Wednesday - maybe there would be another shop there? Google told me Yes.

So, on the Wednesday morning I went to the shop in Kristianstad: can I have a serial-to-USB converter, please? Sure, they said, but they do not work with Win8. But if you want to try... you can always return it in 30 days.

So I took a chance.

Here it is, AND it works!

That is, I have tried a couple of treadlings (no warp on loom), so at the moment I only assume it works.

Should have started warping today, but instead the furnace decided not to work... hopefully, I can warp tomorrow.

* "new" is relative, I guess: have had it for almost one and a half year now, so I guess it is rather antiquated. Unless compared to the old loom-driving (very stationary) 'puter.

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