I'm sure some of you have seen this remarkable machine before. I know I have, but I had forgot the name of the creator. So when I happened to stumble on it again - :

The picture comes from class sculptor Andy Paiko's website, where one can also find a video of a woman spinning wool on it. There are also more pics of the spinning wheel - and don't forget to look at his other creations!

Isn't it fantastic!?!
And to think I live in "the kingdom of Crystal"... gives me ideas, it does!


Laura Fry said...

Yes, and a glassworks just across the road! :)

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Well - we're holding our thumbs, standing on our toes, crossing our fingers (and all other "hoping for" magics we know of) that the glassworks will miraculously (is that a word?) be re-born, after the bankruptcy in october last...
On a positive note: all roofs in the village are intact (I think) after yesterday's storm!

Kim said...

I've seen this in person. Beautiful.