I needed some more heddles on the loom, so I went to the heddle drawer.
This is what I found:

(Probably it was mice rather than rats, but... And it smelled!)

Well. No heddles, no threading. No threading, no weaving. And I don't have to do them all, not immediately, anyway.

Some hours (and a trip in the washing machine) later:

But I guess I know what to do in spare moments for some time to come... at least on sunny days, so I can sit outside!


Laura Fry said...

Yikes. :(. Glad you were able to salvage the heddles.


Charlotte said...

Oi, dette er jo fryktelig! For noen skadedyr, flott at du fikk redda noen ihvertfall!

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

As of now, it seems there is about a 10%loss... not counting the time, of course.
At least I (think) I have enough clean heddles for the present warp... and more than 20 epcm is overrated, anyway ;-)

Cally said...

Oh my!