Instant display... "thingie"

As I was invited to participate in a kind of co-op gallery that was to open yesterday (on the "designers saturday"...) – and as the gallery had next to nothing for displaying wares – and as the time was short – I had to invent something, and fast...

I went to my trusty near-by hardware store: "Emma, please – I have to invent something... NOW!" We found some plastic trellis. It was a) plastic (means there is no fear of splinters), b) collapsible (would easily go in the car) and c) available immediately!!!

I bought 3, took them home and tested. Seemed they would work.

Now they are in the gallery, forming a fairly stable triangular "cage":

I’m going to think more on this idea. White plastic is, well, white plastic – but, choosing a wooden thing would mean not only painting, but also lots of sanding


Geodyne said...

And can you imagine sanding that much real estate? It might help to think of the plastic as a foil, especially as you have it now.

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

I think my problem is more "white" than "plastic"... (or both together), but, really, sanding is too much!

Laura Fry said...

Can you paint plastic? Black might be 'better'....?