Traditional warp tensioning systems

There has been a discussion on WeaveTech about warp advancing systems for Swedish looms, and now I have some pictures from "then" to "now".

When I learnt to weave, I went to a school with only "modern" looms – mostly Glimåkra, but also some Öxabäck. All had the now most ususal ratchet-and-pawl system for both warp and cloth beams. Several showed signs of the cord arrangement for releasing the warp beam, but the cords were all gone – "they never functioned well, anyway", said our teachers.

Grenander-Nyberg shows some old "pre-ratchet" arrangements, in the book Så vävde de (ISBN 91-36-00596-7):

When I bought my first loom, it had another system: it had a "crennelated crown" on the warp beam, and a long handle that was maneuvred from the weaving position. (I have long replaced that warp beam, so the picture is taken in the attic – beam only)

The handle, at the weaver’s end, rested in a, well, hook, I suppose:

(If you look closely, you can see the "loom-foot Stadig" under the loom. I love them!!!)

At the cloth beam, there is a ratchet, made from an old saw blade:

The system worked well, once I had adjusted to the fact that the shortest warp-advance was on the long-ish side. (Maybe it would have been better to have several hooks, as on the diagram above?)

Later, I wanted a double warp beam, and ordered "the whole caboodle" from Öxabäck. That included the back uprights, two warp beams and two back beams.

The old warp beam was mounted with an odd arrangement – it was sort-of hung up with two removable brackets on the back of the loom. Here is the inside of the frame:

The bench that came with the loom was ok – but one day I found this:

The seat is triangular, slightly concave and padded. The height is adjustable. And the best: it rocks!!! I can lean over a bit, and it leans with me. Unfortunately, it can’t be used with the AVL, as the foot rest is too low (or the stool has to sit too far back).


dawnmccarthy said...

I took the built in bench off my AVL and replaced it with a swivel drafting stool with high legs - it fits beautifully over the bottom support and can be adjusted to the perfect height! Sometimes it is hard to find that "perfect" seat!

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

The built-in bench - the rocking was nice, but it was way too low for me. I found another second-hand adjustable swiveling chair, but it lacks the rocking.