Spools, again

Well, "quills", I suppose...

Remember the discussion on paper quills? Where both I and Meg confessed we have some Very Old paper quills?

Today, I happened on to a Swedish blog - in this post, at the very bottom, she tells a story: she had been given some old quills, used them to weave upholstery fabric. The two last photos depict both sides of the old (emptied) paper quills... (Note also the differing sizes and shapes!)

Update on the paper experiment: several warps broke, I cut off the few remaining, moistened and mangled. The hand got... interesting - of course no drape, but nice to the touch - but no sticking. I meant to make a new warp today, but did not. Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe not.

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Laura Fry said...

Looms - and warps - are very patient. :) I'm hoping to dress the AVL today. But we'll see....