Success – and exhibition opening

I made another warp, and wove it off (no breaks!) – somewhere I made a mistake, 'cos it was shorter than I had meant. So I wove it as long as possible... using another (more even) wooden reed:

Cut, moistened, mangled, let dry, glued the ends (including a hanging device and something to weight the bottom).
I hung it this morning:

At two o’clock the exhibition opened:

with renaissance music:

More pictures from the exhibition can be found on my other blog.

And, even though there are oodles of water spouts in the mill, I forgot to take a picture...


Laura Fry said...

Looks great!

Plainweave said...

Whew - weaving whirlwind. And wonderful.

Cally said...

Now that's what I call working to a deadline! I love the way it has turned out.