Another trip

Yesterday I went to visit with Monica at Madesjö museum, where she sometimes weaves.
We admired the huge loom - look at this fantastic beater, for instance:

(We also failed to understand some of it’s ... features?. But we agreed that we, both of us, do not like a sloping warp. Whatever the old books say, we both prefer our warps to be horizontal!)

After that, we went on to her guild room, with a gazillion looms, many of which had (shaft) draw attachments. I was surprised to see the drawlooms had no (or very short) warp extensions.

BUT... there was this fantastic old loom (which has me in it):

Look at the details:
It has five-shaft pulleys:

I liked the nice pattern the height-adjustments on the beater swords:

And... to prove it: here is Monica herself, in the middle of all the looms:

1 comment:

mormor said...

Hej igen :).
Det var en trevlig eftermiddag vi hade, med mycket vävprat:) och det kan man ju nästan aldrig få för mycket av.
Bara hojta till när du ska åt detta hållet...
Hälsningar Monika.

Ps. Jag kommer att skriva om vår eftermiddag i min blogg också.