Gla’hål och vävfall

Or: "happy-hole" and "weave fall" - . Gla’hål is what it is called (in Swedish) when you can see the warp beam. Traditionally this is cause for a special coffee pause, but as I drink coffee all the time anyway, and don’t like sweets, I just went on to the next part of the weaving: testing all kinds of unlikely colour combinations.

The dark olive combined with the light green gave a quite nice result, I think. (Nothing is finished before it’s wet finished, and that goes for samples, too!)

Vävfall is the cut-off time (goes with another special coffee, traditionally). I cut off 4 double scarves, all slightly different (with another mug of plain coffee):

Here is part of the colour, hm, "gamp"?

Now I only have to make the fringes, wet finish and mangle...


Laura Fry said...

If you say it fast it doesn't sound like so much?

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

At least know that (with luck) I don't *have* to "waste time" with warping the, hm, "correct"(?) way...

Cally said...

Fired up with all that coffee you should rattle through it!

I love the scarves.