A little sewing on the side

(but don't tell anybody that the very sloppy-looking stitching is mine, please!)

"Can you make a cover for an inflatable beach ball? It needs to be mainly blue, and have patches in several colours."

"Er??? I mean yes, I suppose so, but what...?"

"It will represent how much each of us humans would have at our disposal, should the earth (resources) be fairly divided."

So I looked in the "eyes", found some blue, green, yellow, red and black acetate lining fabric (and a couple of other scraps). The "client" made the pattern (it was his beach ball, after all), and I sewed.

It was fiddly to appliqué the patches (I'm using the word quite loosely, here - they are merely basted on), and it turned out the ball was a tad too big, thus the not-very-sightly gusset-y thing. But it is ready for play tomorrow, which was one of the wishes from the client.

(The blue is for the sea, red is for "unusable" (mountains and wasteland), yellow is for savannah, green for forests, the blue-with-plaid is for pasture and the black is for fertile land. There are two of each "non-fertile" patch. Each human has a total of 5 and a half football fields, which is what all the patches combined sum up to, I am told.)

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