Super pi day

The drawer is scoured, now drying (and airing) in the garage.
Still lots of stinky heddles to sort/clean, but the loom is now threaded.

As I decided, based on this sample , I should sley 3/dent. (I also modified the warp some - warped with 4 ends: one bleached 16/2, two bleached thinner, probably 22/2 and, to give a somewhat warmer hue, one unbleached 16/2.)

Sleying 3/dent is something I always find difficult, unless it is a 3-end compatible threading. As the threading is a kind of decreasing point, adding 2 ends to each point, this turned out to be...difficult.

Sleying a fan reed is difficult to begin with, and this is by far the widest "fan" warp I have tried, so I thought up a trick: let the end of each sleying unit hang at the wide end, to make it easier to find the next dent:

After tying on... it turned out I had several errors, all of them where the narrow dents face the shafts - I guess my trick wasn't good enough.

Then the next problem arose - I have lost my favourite texsolv treadle cord hook, so I had to unvent some kind of substitute. After some not-quite-working ideas, this is now my new tool:

The reason for the different legs of this "tool" is that it gets easier to separate the fishing-line strands if they are different lengths from the knot, which is needed to make the loop go through the holes in the lamm.

Coda: as it is a super-pi day, and I haven't found any connexion to pi (but as the real pi-nerds say: *everything* can be found in pi), instead here is a picture of a blanket I saw today:

(When I brought out pen-and-paper to analyse it, my company suggested I ought to be able to do that from the photo. I should have known better, but... no matter how I fiddle with contrast, sharpening etc, I just can't make it out. Suggestions welcome!)

Also a piece of Very Happy News: today the newest incarnation of our local glassworks started the "pre-melting" needed to be done to a new ladle - pics here.


Laura Fry said...

Good news about Bergdala Glasbruk. No clue about the fabric. Looks warm and cozy, though.

Anonymous said...

Interesting texture, I need to take it for a spin - wonder how many different but similar drafts we can come up with?