The full-width fan sample

As reported, the warp is now threaded, sleyed and tied-on.

After the "preliminary" (ie half-sloppy) tie-up, and some trial weaving, it was time to fine-tune the tie-up.
( - weaving with a fan reed really requires a maximized shed - when the reed is in the lowest position, one wants the top of the shed to be as high as possible, and vice versa.)

As I have been traipsing the countryside looking at spinning wheels, it took me until today to do the actual work, but today was the day. After fiddling with the lamm height, and the treadle height, and the lifting of shaft 2 on treadle 4, and...

This is the sampling of the "quality" (linen or cotton weft?), but not quite the sampling of the weft colour.
I intended to use some light-grey linen, but it seems I have dreamed up that colour. I tried a light blue linen, but it isn't wonderful.

Wove some bands in cotton 16/2, using "weftovers" in colours I don't consider using, but they will work for the "quality check".

Picked out some other possible linens:

Tried the pink linen, but it shows Very Pink - decided I wanted lower contrast and found a light yellow linen.

Cut off, machine-washed, a short time in the dryer, some pressing to flatten and (last) mangled, this is how it looks now:

It isn't yet completely dry, so I will have to wait to evaluate the weft material choices.


Laura Fry said...

Wow! What fun...

Laura Fry said...
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charlotte said...

Utrolig spennende effekt!