On colour gamps

From time to time the topic of colour gamps crops up.

Ages ago (before the age of digital cameras, anyway) I wove one a little different. I meant to keep it for myself, but one day someone wanted to buy it... and, what can I say: I am in this for the money (yeah right!), so of course I sold it.

Now, of course, I can’t remember exactly what/how I did. There were some old notes, but not in enough detail. (Something that never has happened to me before – I wish ;-)

I do remember it was about optic blending, and I do remember I tried to use the CMYK (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow) system, using what yarns I had on hand.

After some fiddling, this is what I think I did:
(click to make bigger – the bigger the more stripey it looks)

Here and there there are a few colour-and-weave patterns, if you look closely enough. Here is one portion:

In 2/2 twill:

which also shows some colour-and-weave patterns:

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Laura Fry said...

Nice. And I understand. I eventually got talked into selling the colour gamp scarf from Handwoven. :) The customer pointed out that I could always make another one. :DD