Another shirt

At about 55-60 ends per cm (which equals about 135-150 ends per inch), this is a fairly fine shirting material, woven in a colour-and-weave pattern.

The pattern itself is easily reproduced – but to find this fine yarn for a handweaver would be quite another thing.

Here is the pattern – that is, here is the principle of the pattern. I have not tried to count the actual number of ends. The fabric is slightly warp-faced, which I illustrate with somewhat fatter wefts.

In the warp there are odd numbers of warp both for the solid stripes and for the b & w sections. Each b & w has an extra black to begin and end the section.

In the weft there are also odd numbers of each stripe, but the extra black threads are omitted.

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Laura Fry said...

You found a lot of interesting shirts! Look forward to seeing them in person. Soon!