Today we have been working on mangling Laura's samples

The mangle itself is a biggish affair. It was made in about 1900 (I bought it from a house built in 1901, and the story was it was "built into the house"... it was, hm, interesting to get it out from the attic.), it weighs a total of 1450 kg and has a working length of some 4 meters. It has an electric motor, but can be cranked by hand. (That takes a certain amount of dedication, though.)

When I grew up, almost every apartment house had a mangle like this in the laundry room, and I was so happy when I found one for sale here in the "boondocks". I hired piano movers for the move, but they nearly refused... at least, it is now on the ground level, in a shed with wide doors, so it was easy to get it in place.
It was not quite as easy to put it together again: that giant flywheel with the gears attached is cast iron, and would not easily come apart. We had to rig various ropes and timbers to get it up where it belongs (and it took a couple of neighbours helping, too. Don't try this at home!).

For those of you wanting to know how to handle such a "monster", here is an article I wrote many years ago.

ETA: and I found an interesting articla about box mangle history here.

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mormor said...

Så roligt det måste va att Laura kommit o hälsat på. Antar att ni har massor gemensamt och mycket att hitta på. Kan bara gratulera och önska en riktigt trevlig tid.
Kommer ni mot Nybrohållet så kan ni höra av er...
hälsningar Monika