Now you see it...

The other day, we went to our favourite welfare flea market to get some new spring clothing.

This is an enlarged (about 2 x) scan of a nice-feeling cotton shirt (click for full size).

Here is an even bigger detail of one of the white parts, combined with the reverse of the fabric:

Yes, a plain-weave fabric printed to look like twill. And no, the print isn’t quite on the straight grain.

Another scan of another shirt – this time enlarged about 4 x (and therefore not quite in focus – click for full size):

Just two white ends/picks – but still printed, and not quite on the straight grain...

It reminds me of what I saw in an IKEA catalogue a couple of years ago. It went something like: "NEW! Now made of yarn-dyed fabric!"
When I first read that, I was totally confused. "Yarn-dyed"??? When next I came to IKEA I found that most of their checked (plaid?) fabrics were in fact printed...

A new artist's statment, perhaps: "I am a dyed-in-the yarn weaver"?

(somewhat reluctantly, I will label this post both as "curiosities" and "weave contruction" - )

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Laura Fry said...

Oh my. Marketing at work? :(