April spools day

In my house, there are spools everywhere. And, as if that wasn’t enough, sometimes I buy more:

(Actually, I got it for the shuttles, but there are some quills too, both empty and full)

Isn’t that radio just adorable? (and, it kind of dates the collection...)
And who is Louise?

Some weftovers:

And, last but not least: an indispensable spool, useful for lots of things:

- all this because of Meg, who is organizing this for the second time.


Meg said...

Weftovers... Hee hee. Never thought of that! Lovely pictures. But who IS Louise??

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

We may never get to know Louise, as there is just the one quill - and I don't like the yarn (scratchy wool singles). But it is a bit too big to unroll, just for the name...
So: one of the mysteries of the weaviverse?